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Violence eclipses the memorial service for the victims of the President of Haiti | Gun Violence News

Supporters of Jovenel Moise yelled and accused Haiti’s elite of killing the president, interrupting the mass.

A priest told the mourner Memorial service Thursday for the killed president Giovinel Mois As the authorities warned, Haiti is bleeding too much More violence Before his funeral.

Pastor Jean-Gilles talked to dozens of people wearing white T-shirts with pictures of Moys printed on them.

“Killings and kidnappings should stop,” he said, noting that poor communities are the most affected. “tired.”

Mass in the cathedral in Cap-Haïtien in the northern coastal city was about half as officials warned that other events planned for later in the day might be cancelled due to fears of violence.

Haitians participate in the killing of Haitian President Giovinel Moise at Notre Dame de Paris in Cap-Haiti [Ricardo Arduengo/Reuters]

Moise’s supporters kept interrupting the crowd. They screamed and accused the Haitian elite of killing the president.

A man calling himself John Qiaowei stood outside the church with a group of men and threatened that if elites from the capital Port-au-Prince attended the ceremony, more violence would occur.

“We ask them not to come to the funeral,” he said. “If they come, we will cut off their heads. We will take our guns out of the hiding place… We hope to get justice for Moise.”

The mayor of Cap-Haitien arrived at the cathedral under high security. During the whole mass, people with powerful weapons were guarded.

In the demonstration after the mass rally became violent on Thursday afternoon, protesters shot into the air, threw stones and overturned heavy concrete roadblocks by the sea, businesses closed and people took refuge.

Some people signed the blue mourning book set up by the mayor’s office near the cathedral. The blesser stood in front of the portrait of Moise and the rows of candles whose flames flickered in the hot wind.

Mass was held a day after the violence in Quartier-Morin, located between Cap-Haitien and Moise’s hometown.

Demonstrators in Cap-Haitien in Cap-Haitien protesting against the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise, setting fire to tires [Ricardo Arduengo/Reuters]

Overnight, local media reported that a nearby bridge connecting two communities was burned down.

As the authorities continue to investigate the attack on the president’s house on July 7, Moise was scheduled to hold a private funeral on Friday. He was shot several times and his wife was seriously injured.

Government officials It was said that Moise was mainly Colombian mercenary, But many questions remain unanswered, including why the president’s security forces have not taken more steps to protect him.

After the riots, at least one person died on the streets of Cap Haiti, when Moise’s widow, Martine, attended her first public event since returning from Miami over the weekend.

Dressed in black, wearing a mask, with a bandage on his right arm and a thick plaster, Martina Moys A pastor sat silently under the portrait of her husband and gave a eulogy to the dead politician.

First lady Martina Moise arrives at the National Pantheon Museum in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to pay tribute to her late husband, President Jovenel Moise [Joseph Odelyn/AP Photo]

Martin, who was injured in her husband’s attack, did not speak, but at the end of the commemoration, a lady sang “The Virgin” and she shed tears.

At the same time, the US State Department announced the appointment of Daniel Foote, a professional member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the special envoy for Haiti.

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said Foote will “work with Haiti and international partners to promote long-term peace and stability and support efforts to hold free and fair presidential and legislative elections.”

Haitian Police Chief Leon Charles said that so far, 26 suspects have been arrested, including 3 police officers and 18 former Colombian soldiers. Seven other senior police officers have been detained but have not yet been formally arrested because the authorities are investigating why none of the president’s security personnel were injured that night.

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