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Haiti: “If the President is killed at home, who can be exempted?” | Human Rights News

Port-au-Prince, Haiti- Following the news from Haiti President Jovenel Moise was assassinated In the early morning of July 7, a state of collective shock swept across the country.

The streets of Port-au-Prince-usually crowded with vendors, taxis, and more than a month of fierce fighting between armed groups Thousands of people displaced Passing through the capital-fell into silence.

This Fatal attack – It also hurt Martine Moise, wife of the late president – Increased instability In a country that is already struggling with deep political divisions, several non-existent state institutions, and A certain degree of violence Since 2018, this has caused more than a dozen massacres.

President Moise who took office after winning in 2017 About 590,000 votes In this country of 11 million people, it quickly met with strong opposition Corruption allegations He denied it.

Since the expiration of the parliamentary term in January 2020, Moyes has been in power through decrees, and Faced with large-scale protests demanding his resignation As stated by opposition leaders, rights advocates and legal experts, his term of office expired in February.

Now, despite a series of questions about the man behind his assassination continues arrest, Haiti Sworn in as the new prime minister on Tuesday, Ariel Henry, he was selected by Moise a few days before the president was killed.

International pushes for general elections later this year harsh criticism However, civil society leaders demanded a solution led by Haiti to resolve the ongoing crisis.

On Friday, as Moise was preparing to rest in peace in his northern hometown of Cap-Haiti, Al Jazeera told the four people in Port-au-Prince what they thought after the murder – and where Haiti was going.

Emmelio, 61 years old, a mason from Grand-Anse

Emmelio is a mason and know-it-all who came to Port-au-Prince 41 years ago at the age of 20 [Jessica Obert/Al Jazeera]

“I have lived in Port-au-Prince for 41 years…always have difficult moments, but not like today. Life was not expensive back then. I came to Port-au-Prince [Jean-Claude] Duvalier regime.

“When’Baby Doc’ (Jean-Claude Duvalier’s nickname) was overthrown, many people died, and many people were upset, but it was still not like today.

“It’s about what happened [to Moise]Anyone can die, but the way President Giovinel Mois [did] Show that no one can be exempt; if the president is killed in his own home, who can be saved from the same fate? This is why everyone is so scared. It makes you feel that you are not human.

“You don’t need to make you feel bad because you like him, it’s inhumane. The president should be the first citizen of the country. What does this mean to people who don’t have a name on the street?

“I think the country must be reformed. It doesn’t work to kill people and replace them with the same people; it must be through dialogue.”

Keziah, 36 years old, documentary filmmaker and photographer from Jacmel

Keziah says only education can change Haiti’s corrupt system [Jessica Obert/Al Jazeera]

“[Moise] Is a very contradictory president. He came with some good ideas, but he was corrupt and would take away from what he gave.

“There have been many problems before. We have many social problems, many class problems. We have lost all social value.

“I want people to know that we are a person who draws a lot of resources from within ourselves. If more people can receive a good education in the country…then the next generation can receive education.

“Our current system has not yet been established to deliver justice. The same people cycle through it. We can’t really believe it yet.”

Savanel, 35 years old, a motorcycle driver from Aux Cayes

Savanel did not mourn the death of Moise, but said it made others more insecure [Jessica Obert/Al Jazeera]

“If he has Step down on February 7 I don’t think this will happen to him. I woke up at four in the morning and heard the news that he was killed. But to be honest, Jovenel’s government has taken everything from me, and I can hardly believe that he is gone.

“The way he was killed is not something that makes me happy. I can’t be happy for his death. I don’t worry about him leaving because he is part of the corruption. But I can’t help thinking, if he just died like this, The fate of the rest of us is even worse.

“Under Jovenel, insecurity became so bad. I used to go to the beach, I used to go to the street at night to watch shows. Now, I have to enter my house [before] dark. If I have hope, I will stay in Haiti, but I want to leave and live elsewhere, because I can’t see how this will get better.

“I had to go to Carrefour to find natural gas the other day because of the shortage of natural gas in the country. When I passed Martissant (a block near Port-au-Prince), I saw a group of young women standing on the side of the road with guns in their hands. “

Naline, 31 years old, college student

Naline says there is a problem with the way Moise manages the government, but he should not be killed [Jessica Obert/Al Jazeera]

“Kill our head of state, the President, even if he does not manage the government or the country well and destroy our institutions, we do not want him to be killed.

“There is a problem with the way he manages the government. He is regarded as the de facto president because even if his term or term ends in February, he still stays. There is. Strongly against him, But he is still a living person-you can’t kill him just because you have a problem with him.

“Trying to predict when or when we cannot leave home to go to work or school is exhausting. We have developed resistance to dysfunction, but sometimes it is still difficult to manage or deal with.

“Our greatest pride is that we oppose slavery and the successful revolution of the French, but I hope that our country will not live in the past, move forward and make real changes. We are people who face many challenges, but we are also unique. of.”

*Al Jazeera concealed the identity of the interviewee for fear of retaliation

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