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After 10 days of hiccups, Brazil’s Bolsonaro may need surgery. Health News

The Brazilian President’s Office stated that Jair Bolsonaro has intestinal obstruction and may require emergency surgery.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (Jair Bolsonaro) is being taken to São Paulo, where doctors will determine whether he needs emergency surgery. His office said on Wednesday that the extreme-right leader has been suffering from chronic illnesses for 10 consecutive days. Hospitalized after hiccup.

The 66-year-old Bolsonaro has been complaining about hiccups after dental implant surgery on July 3 since last week.

In a statement on Wednesday afternoon, his office said that Bolsonaro has undergone multiple operations since he was stabbed in the abdomen at a political rally in 2018 and that he suffered from intestinal obstruction.

Earlier in the day, the office stated that he had been taken to a military hospital in the capital Brasilia to “undertake an examination and investigate the cause of the hiccup.”

Bolsonaro said in an interview with a local radio station last week: “I have also experienced this before. It may be because of the medications I am taking. I am hiccuping 24 hours a day.”

Translation: “We will be back soon, God bless. Brazil is ours!”

Bolsonaro’s health has been a problem during his presidency.

He nearly died after being stabbed in the intestines during the 2018 election campaign, resulting in multiple follow-up operations. Federal lawmaker Bia Kicis, who supports Bolsonaro, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that Bolsonaro’s hospitalization was “the result of the 2018 knife law.”

Al Jazeera reporter Monica Yanakif from Rio de Janeiro said that Bolsonaro inferred that his condition was also related to the stabbing in 2018.

Yanakiew also stated that his hospitalization was “the worst period of his two-and-a-half years as president.”

President faces Mass protest And the Senate Committee survey According to data from Johns Hopkins University, his government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has so far caused more than 535,800 deaths.

Bolsonaro was also accused of failing to respond adequately Suspected violation The Brazilian Ministry of Health purchases the COVID-19 vaccine from India. After the violation report was made public, the government suspended the contract.

Reuters reported on Monday, citing a person familiar with the matter, that the Brazilian Federal Police has officially launched an investigation into Bolsonaro’s allegations.

The far-right leader is also defendant This month, he participated in a plan to cut the salaries of his assistants while he was a federal representative.

The president denied all charges against him.

But recent polls show that his popularity is declining, which may bring bad news before the elections scheduled for next year.

At the weekend, a survey by Datafolha display 54% of Brazilians support the proposal of Bolsonaro to initiate impeachment proceedings put forward by the House of Commons, while 42% oppose it.

This is the first time that most Brazilians support such measures.

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