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Palestinian minister withdraws threat of resignation due to death of militants | Israeli-Palestinian Conflict News

Nasri Abu Jaish stated that Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh twice refused to accept his resignation, which led him to continue his government position.

The Minister of Labor of the Palestinian Authority said on Sunday that the Minister of Labor of the Palestinian Authority, who announced his resignation during the protests where protesters died in custody, will eventually remain in office.

Nasri Abu Jaish is also a representative of the government’s center-left People’s Party. He stated at the end of June that he would withdraw from the Palestinian Authority led by Fatah because of “disrespect for the law and public freedoms.”

After activist Nizar Banat was violently arrested and died in custody, protesters demanded that President Mahmoud Abbas step down and Abu Jaish Jaish) announced that he is about to resign.

Banat is 43 years old and is known for condemning allegedly corrupt social media videos within the Palestinian Authority. died On June 24, security forces stormed into his home, beat him and dragged him away shortly after.

But on Sunday, Abu Jaish stated in a statement that Prime Minister Mohammed Steye had twice refused to accept his resignation, leading him to “continue to serve as the Minister of Labour of the Palestinian government”.

The Palestinian Authority announced that it had begun an investigation into Banat’s death, but the demonstrators continued to protest several weeks later.

On Sunday, hundreds of people in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah called on Abbas to resign and condemned the use of force by the Palestinian security services to quell recent demonstrations.

Protester Maher Akhras said on Sunday: “We will continue to stand on the street until justice is done,” he accused the Palestinian Authority of “killing Nizal Banat and attacking the demonstrators.” “.

Banat registered as a candidate in the Palestinian parliamentary elections scheduled for May until Abbas postponed the election indefinitely.

The doctor who performed the autopsy, Samir Abu Zarzour, said that the scars on Banat showed that his head, chest, neck, legs and hands were beaten from arrest to death. Less than an hour.

The demonstrators expressed anger at the lack of democratic procedures in the territory.

The protester Omar Assaf said: “We have the right to elect, elect our representatives and elect the president.”

“We need to rebuild the entire Palestinian political system.”

The Ramallah protests triggered by Banat’s death in custody have continued for several weeks.

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