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9 people killed in Swedish parachute plane crash

The victims of the crash in south-central Sweden were members of a local skydiving club.

Police said a small plane carrying skydivers crashed outside the Swedish city of Orebro on Thursday night, killing all nine people on board.

Police said the dead included the pilot and eight passengers.

According to Orebro County Governor Maria Larsson, the victim was a member of a local skydiving club.

The spokesperson for the Swedish Maritime Administration, which is responsible for overseeing air traffic, told the broadcaster SVT that the crash must be “related” to the takeoff of the plane.

The plane caught fire when it hit a seemingly open field.

“There is no life to save,” said Per-Ove Staberyd, the local fire chief who coordinates the work of firefighters and other first responders.

The deputy chief of the local police station, Niclas Hallgren, said on Friday that the police received news of the crash shortly before 7:30pm local time (17:30 GMT) and soon knew it was a “very serious incident” “.

He said that investigating the accident will be “a arduous task.” “It takes time,” Holgren added.

The official declined to provide detailed information about the victim or speculate on the circumstances that led to the crash. The Swedish Accident Investigation Agency immediately dispatched a team to the crash site on the outskirts of Orebro, 164 kilometers (102 miles) west of Stockholm.

The Dagens Nyheter newspaper identified the aircraft as a single-engine, propeller-driven De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven wrote on Twitter that he heard about the crash as “very sad and depressed” and expressed “deepest sympathy.”

At half-mast in Orebro, the Prime Minister stated in an interim press conference that Friday was “Sweden’s day of mourning.”

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