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The crisis deepens, Qatar provides assistance to the Lebanese army

The Gulf country said it will donate 70 tons of food to the Lebanese Armed Forces every month to help deal with the worst economic crisis in decades.

Qatar has stated that when Lebanon faces its worst economic and political crisis in decades, it will provide 70 tons of food to the Lebanese Armed Forces every month.

Lebanese Army Chief of Staff Joseph Aoun (Joseph Aoun) Once called for world powers Last month, at a meeting organized by France to provide assistance to soldiers, their wages have plummeted due to the collapse of the Lebanese pound and soaring inflation.

Qatar’s donation was announced during the visit of Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani to Beirut on Tuesday.

Qatar’s national news agency QNA reported: “This support is provided within the framework of the State of Qatar’s continuous efforts to help resolve the political crisis in Lebanon and its firm commitment to support the Republic of Lebanon and the fraternal Lebanese people.”

QNA added that Sheikh Mohammed urged all parties in Lebanon to form a new government “to achieve stability.” Lebanese politicians spent months arguing, but failed to agree on the new government needed to initiate international aid.

According to a statement issued by the Lebanese President’s Office, Lebanese President Michel Aoun stated that Lebanon welcomes “Qatar’s continued support”.

Translation: President Aoun met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar at the Babda Palace and expressed Lebanon’s gratitude for Qatar’s continued support and welcomed Qatar’s measures to help resolve its current crisis.

The Lebanese cabinet resigned after a massive explosion in Beirut port in August last year and has since acted as a caretaker. The economic crisis in this heavily indebted Arab country has deepened.

The World Bank calls Lebanon’s crisis one of the worst depressions in modern history. Since the outbreak of the economic crisis in 2019, the currency has depreciated by more than 90% against the U.S. dollar, and more than half of the population has fallen into poverty.

Widespread outrage over the fuel shortage has spread to the fighting at the gas station, and the caretaker Prime Minister Hasan Diab warned that Lebanon is away “Social explosion“.

Nationwide Drug importers also said They have used up hundreds of essential drugs and warned that if the capital-strained central bank does not unfreeze funds, there will be further shortages.

Lebanon has been seeking financial assistance from the Gulf region for a long time, but due to the increasing influence of Hezbollah (a Lebanese Shia group supported by Iran), Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Muslim Gulf Arab countries are increasingly reluctant to provide help.

Western and other international donors demand a new government and key reforms before providing aid.

“The situation is critical,” Army Chief of Staff Aoun warned at a meeting last month. He added: “If not alleviated, the economic and financial crisis will inevitably lead to the collapse of all state institutions, including the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).”

He described the army as the “only guarantor” of Lebanon’s security and stability and “the most trustworthy institution at home and abroad.”

“Therefore, maintaining cohesion and supporting LAF in carrying out its mission is crucial.”

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