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Czech Republic vs. Denmark: Euro 2020 quarter-final preview | Euro2020 News

The winner will face England or Ukraine in the semi-final at Wembley on Wednesday.

When: Saturday, July 3
where is it: Olympic Stadium, Baku
begin: 16:00 GMT

The Danish coach Caspar Helmand stated that his team will play “with the heart of Christian Eriksson” as his team will compete with the Czech Republic for a spot in the European Cup semi-finals in 2020 .

The two teams met on Saturday in Baku, Azerbaijan, three weeks after Eriksson suffered a cardiac arrest in the first game of the Danish team.

After Eriksson implanted a defibrillator to regulate his heart rate, he was discharged less than a week after he fell. Without him, Helmand’s team had assembled to the bottom eight.

“We will play with Christian Eriksson’s heart. He is still the core of the team, with this heart, without fear, we will try,” Helmand said.

Denmark has scored four goals in consecutive matches against Russia and Wales and will dream of following in the footsteps of the team that won the shocking European championship in 1992.

Czech coach Jaroslav Hillhave pointed out that Danish team spirit is the main weapon of fear.

“That’s a huge power. The Danes don’t have superstars, but together they form a great team, and their style is similar to ours,” Silhavey said.

Czech captain Vladimir Darida (Vladimir Darida) will return from injury after missing the round of 16’s 2-0 victory over the Netherlands.

In the semi-final at Wembley Stadium on Wednesday, the winner will face Ukraine or England.

Italy and Spain will face each other in the first semi-final at Wembley on Tuesday.

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