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Senior U.S. General Says Afghanistan’s Security Situation Has Deteriorated | Abdullah Abdullah News

The American general said that for now, the United States has weapons and capabilities to assist the Afghan army that is undergoing the test of the Taliban attack.

With the end of the so-called “eternal war” by the United States, the top US general in Afghanistan conducted a thought-provoking assessment of the country’s deteriorating security situation on Tuesday.

General Austin Miller said that the Taliban’s rapid seizure of regions across the country, some of which are of great strategic value, is worrying. He also warned that militias deployed to help troubled national security forces could lead the country into a civil war.

Miller told a small group of reporters in the Afghan capital that he currently has the weapons and capabilities to assist the Afghan defense and security forces.

He said that only a political solution can bring peace to war-torn countries.

“This is a political solution that brings peace to Afghanistan. This is not just the past 20 years. This is really the past 42 years,” he said.

Miller is not only referring to the American war, but also to the 10-year occupation that ended in 1989 by Russia. After that conflict was a brutal civil war, in which some Afghan leaders deployed militias against the Taliban. The civil war gave birth to the Taliban, which came to power in 1996.

U.S. officials said that the U.S. military is most likely to withdraw completely before July 4, and the remaining forces will be used to protect the U.S. Embassy in Kabul and the international airport.

Miller refused to give any dates or timetables, only referring to the September timetable given by US President Joe Biden in April when he announced the final withdrawal of the remaining 3,500 US troops.

Biden Meeting with Afghan leaders Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah demonstrated the continuing U.S. commitment to Afghanistan at the White House last week.

“The partnership between Afghanistan and the United States is not over,” Biden said at the Oval Office meeting with Ghani and Abdullah.

The Taliban quickly occupied a number of areas, many of which are located in the northern part of the country, which is dominated by Afghan minorities. The north is the traditional stronghold of many former jihadist leaders, who have been the dominant force in Afghanistan since 2001 when they ousted the Taliban from power with the US-led coalition.

Armed volunteers in Gorband, Parwan Province, Afghanistan mobilize against the Taliban [Omar Sobhani/Reuters]

Some areas are already on main roads and One at the border And northern Tajikistan. The Taliban issued a statement saying that hundreds of Afghan security forces had surrendered, and most of them returned home after receiving the Taliban’s transportation expenses.

Kabul government has activated “National Mobilization” In response, local volunteers were armed and militia groups were resurrected to fight the Taliban.

Miller said that there are many reasons for the collapse of the districts, including the fatigue of the troops, psychological failures and military losses. But he said the escalating violence could plunge the country into a deadly civil war.

“When we started talking about’how will this end?’, the way the Afghan people must end is around a political solution,” Miller said.

“I also said that if you don’t reduce violence, political solutions will become more and more difficult.”

Miller refused to disclose the position of the United States and its NATO allies during the withdrawal process.

He said that his time as the head of the US military mission in Afghanistan is about to end, but did not give a specific date.

Miller will not speculate on the legacy of America’s longest war, saying it will be determined by history.

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