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The “psychic” elephant predicts that Germany will beat England in the 2020 European Cup | Euro2020 News

Yashoda correctly guessed that Germany would lose to France, defeat Portugal and drew with Hungary.

A “psychic” elephant from the Hamburg Zoo predicted that Germany will beat England in the Euro 2020 round of 16 on Tuesday.

The 42-year-old Yashoda correctly guessed that Germany would lose to France in the first game, beat Portugal, and then drew with Hungary in the group stage.

She took out the German flag instead of the Union Jack from a wicker basket at the Hagenbeck Zoo, which pleased many German fans who came to see her.

“I think we can all accept it,” said zookeeper Michael Schmidt.

Large-scale football matches often attract so-called divination animals with varying degrees of success.

During the 2010 World Cup, Octopus Paul accurately predicted all seven games of the German team.

Unsurprisingly, Paul’s prediction that Spain will defeat Germany in the semi-finals aroused the outrage of many Germans. They called for him to be eaten after the game, prompting the then Spanish Prime Minister to provide “official national protection” for this creature.

As Paul predicted, this may have made a deal for the Spaniard who continues to win the game.

However, some social media users have found other creative ways to predict scores.

A viral video shows 24 cars racing on a treadmill, representing the number of teams participating in the competition.

The final, based on this rather strange technique, showed that Germany and France fought after all other cars went off track.

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