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Juul pays $40 million to North Carolina to target young people using e-cigarette business and economic news

After Juul was launched in 2015, the use of e-cigarettes by teenagers has soared by more than 70%, leading to the declaration of an “epidemic” in the United States of teenagers smoking e-cigarettes.

E-cigarette giant Juul Labs Inc will pay $40 million to North Carolina and take more actions to prevent minors from using and selling. According to a landmark legal settlement in the United States, the company has accused the company of fueling youth e-cigarettes for many years. After the explosion, it was announced on Monday.

A state judge accepted an unprecedented agreement with a state in the United States. North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein sued Juul, accusing Juul of using unfair and deceptive marketing methods to target young people using e-cigarette products that provide addictive nicotine.

As part of the agreement, Juul will not advertise to anyone under the age of 21 in North Carolina and will restrict online sales of Juul products to residents of any state. It will also only sell its products behind the counters of retailers that have ID scanners to ensure customers reach their age.

After the launch of Juul in 2015, the use of e-cigarettes by teenagers has soared by more than 70%, leading the US Food and Drug Administration to declare an “epidemic” of e-cigarette use by teenagers. Health experts say that this unprecedented growth is likely to make a generation of young people addicted to nicotine, an addictive chemical that is harmful to the developing brain.

“This victory will greatly help prevent children from coming into contact with Juul products, prevent its chemical vapors from entering their lungs, and prevent their nicotine poisoning and addiction to their brains,” Stein said in a press conference.

After Juul, which is partly owned by Altria Group Inc, stopped all advertising and social media promotion and removed most flavors except menthol, sales declined.

In a statement after the court hearing, Juul said: “This settlement is consistent with our continuous efforts to realign the company and its relationship with stakeholders, because we will continue to combat the use of minors and serve Adult smokers provide opportunities to reduce harm.” “We seek to continue to earn trust through action.”

Several states in the United States have filed lawsuits against Juul. Since February 2020, a team of 39 state attorneys general has been collaborating to investigate the company’s marketing and products.

Juul also faces hundreds of personal injury lawsuits from customers and young people’s families who say they have been harmed or addicted to the company’s products. These have been combined in the California federal case.

Stan filed a lawsuit in the state court in Durham, North Carolina, where Duke University is located. Due to tobacco production, both the city and the school grew substantially in the 20th century. North Carolina is the country’s largest producer of flue-cured tobacco.

Stein did not lose contact with Durham. He said he recalled visiting the now closed Liggett & Myers cigarette manufacturing plant in the city when he was in elementary school.

“The whole town smells of tobacco,” Stein told reporters after the hearing. “When we considered bringing this case here, we thought there was some symbolism in bringing it here.”

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