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A woman killed in an attack on a MSF convoy in the Central African Republic | Central African Republic News

The medical charity stated that a female guard was killed in an ambush by armed men and three others were injured.

The international aid organization Médecins Sans Frontières (Médecins Sans Frontières, or MSF) stated that a woman was ambushed and killed by armed men in a team in the Central African Republic (CAR).

The West and Central Africa branch of the medical charity said in a statement on Saturday that on Thursday, staff from Médecins Sans Frontières were transporting a patient near Batangafo in the northern part of the Central African Republic. The victim accompanied the patient.

It said on Twitter: “Two motorcyclists hired by MSF were ambushed by armed men when they referred patients to Batangas Town in the Central African Republic.”

“A female caregiver died after being hit by a bomb on her way to the hospital after the attack.”

MSF said that three other people-a motorcyclist and two patients (a woman and her baby) were injured in the attack and were taken to Batangafu Hospital in stable conditions.

The rescue organization stated that two of its motorcycle riders have been clearly identified as staff of Doctors Without Borders.

MSF added: “We condemn consecutive incidents that have affected the Central African Republic’s medical missions and severely affected access to health care services.”

“This is the third attack in June, affecting MSF and our patients in the area.”

Since 2013, there have been repeated incidents of violence by armed groups in the Central African Republic, including the civil war that ended in 2016 and election-related battles earlier this year.

Years of violence have caused thousands of deaths and forced more than a quarter of the nearly 5 million population of the Central African Republic to leave their homes. Of these, 675,000 are refugees from neighboring countries.

Just one day after Médecins Sans Frontières announced that a Spanish aid coordinator and two Ethiopian staff had been quarantined for one day, Médecins Sans Frontières announced the news. “Cruelly Killed” The war-torn northern region of Tigray in Ethiopia.

A statement from the organization stated that the three workers were found dead a few meters from their car on Friday. The day before, their colleagues lost contact with them during the trip.

MSF said: “We condemn this attack on our colleagues in the strongest terms, and will understand what happened without mercy.”

The United Nations described the attack as “heinous and sad” and called on Ethiopia to launch a prompt investigation into the killing.

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