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Shell urges to drop appeals to landmark climate ruling: report | Business and Economic News

According to a letter seen by Reuters, Friends of the Earth Netherlands appealed to Shell not to appeal its ruling to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

According to a letter seen by Reuters, a Dutch militant group that won a legal battle with Royal Dutch Shell over its climate strategy urged the company to abandon the appeal and hold joint negotiations on how to reduce emissions.

A court in The Hague ordered Shell on May 26 to reduce oil and gas burning greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by the end of 2030, which is significantly faster than its current plan. Landmark cases brought by two groups. Earth Holland.

Shell CEO Ben van Beurden said that the company plans to appeal the ruling, but the Anglo-Dutch company will also accelerate its energy transition strategy and deepen emissions reductions.

This Court resolution Investors and activist organizations are putting increasing pressure on the world’s top oil companies, including ExxonMobil, to solve their emissions problems.

In a letter sent on Thursday, Friends of the Earth Netherlands appealed to Shell not to appeal the ruling.

“The important thing is to act quickly, not to wait for the legal process to end. We have little time to reverse the situation,” the organization said in a letter to Van Burden.

“We believe that it is in everyone’s interest to avoid appeals, especially the climate.”

Friends of the Earth in the Netherlands stated that it would be “constructive” for both parties to “discuss new realities based on the judgment, its implementation, and our mutual interest in preventing dangerous climate change”.

Shell responded that it is still expected to appeal the ruling.

“We agree that urgent action is needed on climate change. Although we want to appeal the ruling, we want to meet the challenge and accelerate our existing strategy,” it added.

“We have previously proposed to cooperate with Milieudefensie [Friends of the Earth] And of course will consider their proposal. “

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