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Cricket: New Zealand fans cheer cricket news for winning Test

New Zealand cricket fans cheered “David and Goliath” over India in the inaugural World Test Championship on Thursday, praising Kane Williamson’s players for eliminating the heartache of the recent major game failure.

The Black Hats were also praised for the way they won the championship. Authorities said that their sportsmanship shined in a well-deserved victory in Southampton.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said: “This is an outstanding performance of a team at the peak of the game and on top of the world.”

“Kane Williamson and the team’s leadership have built an excellent and humble team, and they have become a source of inspiration for many New Zealanders.”

The legendary all-rounder Richard Hadlee-widely regarded as New Zealand’s greatest player ever-said “this group of players are the best in our history.” [Action Images via John Sibley/ Reuters]

The final was screened all night in New Zealand, and sleepy spectators noticed the Black Hats’ defeat in the past two one-day World Cup finals.

The three-time world champion of New Zealand rugby, the All Blacks, stated that these results were devastating at the time and can now be regarded as “just a warm-up match for the main event”.

“Congratulations to @BLACKCAPS for winning the highest award in the history of cricket, the World Test Championship,” the team’s official Twitter feed said. “Your dream is big, and we all feel proud.”

Many people pointed out that there are huge differences in finance and competition resources between India and New Zealand.

“This is a story similar to David vs. Goliath, but Kane Williamson and his team are now world test champions, and it is a living testimony that sometimes, just sometimes, good guys do finish first,” The former test cricketer turned commentator Simon Durr said.

“The Giant Killer”

Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar said New Zealand was worthy of their victory.

“Congratulations @BLACKCAPS for winning #WTC21. You are a great team,” Tendulkar wrote on Twitter.

Former Indian batting veteran VVS Laxman agreed.

“Congratulations to @BLACKCAPS for being a well-deserved champion,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The New Zealand bowlers are great, Williamson and Taylor used their experience to complete the job.”

New Zealand’s Neil Wagner celebrates after taking the wicket of India’s Ravindrajadja [Action Images via John Sibley/Reuters]

Another former New Zealand player, Mark Richardson, emphasized a conscious decision to avoid “the rude and mean way Australia took when they were most dominant.”

“They played hard, but they got stuck, but I think they are trying to bring back the whole gentleman game side that cricket once had a long time ago,” he told TV3.

Cricket writer Mark Geenty of the news site called the New Zealand team the “giant killers” and after an outstanding performance in a game, he listed pacemaker Kyle Jamieson as an emerging star.

“Jemison is the ruler of Southampton and has scored 7-61 in both games, including Corley’s precious wickets,” he wrote.

“16 months after Wellington’s debut against India, Jamison scored 46 wickets in 8 tests, an incredible average of 14 wickets.” cricket writer Mark Geenty said the New Zealand team is a “giant killer” [Action Images via John Sibley/Reuters]

Others pointed out how appropriate it is for Williamson and experienced batsman Rose Taylor-key figures in the rise of New Zealand-to be in the middle of the scoring.

The legendary all-rounder Richard Hadlee-widely regarded as New Zealand’s greatest player ever-said “this group of players are the best in our history.”

“In the past two years, Blacks Caps has performed very well in the test arena and has achieved victories at home and abroad,” he said.

“They are totally worthy of being crowned world champions.”

Amidst the joy, Australian cricket team captain Tim Paine became a hot topic on Twitter in New Zealand because he predicted that India would win “very easily” before the game.

“Has anyone checked Tim?” Black Caps fan Benji Crossley wrote on Twitter. “I’m here today for small things.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that the cricket team has become a source of inspiration for many New Zealanders [File: Dave Lintott/AFP]

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