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The secret of apartheid | Israel

Meet the new occupiers, just like the old occupiers.

The Palestinians understand that replacing one evangelical extremist as the prime minister of Israel with another evangelical extremist, Israel proceeded in an orderly manner, and the practice of apartheid in Occupied Palestine day after day will not change at all. .

If there is any doubt about this predictable score, the re-bombing of Gaza in the past week provides further evidence. The newcomer reminds the world as quickly as the predecessors that he will use the same deadly device and can hurt, mutilate and kill as much as possible whenever Israel wants, for whatever reason, whatever Israel wants. Palestinians, because as long as Israel is willing, no prime minister or president will do or say too much about it except for Little Ireland.

Nevertheless, Israel had to-as a stupid and perfunctory public relations activity-launch a series of familiar “provocations” to prove that it wanted to harm, mutilate and kill as many Palestine as possible at any time and in any way. People are legitimate. It wants and as long as it wants.

This time, each Israeli attack aircraft worth 110 million U.S. dollars destroyed more of the Gaza Strip in a few days, because the Palestinians used so-called helium-filled “burning” balloons to briefly ignite patches of dry, barren land. . The “militants” use the rope.

“Provocation” is a tired, innocent pantomime.

Whether it’s balloons, slingshots, burning tires, kites, rocks, or beautified metal firecrackers, Israel knows that it has a license to be exempt from The Hague and can injure, mutilate and kill as many Palestinians as possible, whenever, whenever, In any way, for whatever reason, as long as it wishes, no prime minister or president outside of Ireland will say much about it.

Therefore, no matter what the name of the Israeli prime minister is, which racist, rude party he leads, or how he and his accomplices can use so-called Machiavellian techniques to piece together an unstable alliance and finally get rid of The previous guy. An indelible constant still exists: the apartheid regime continues in occupied Palestine day after day, as it has been since the middle of the last century.

This is another constant: just like the zealous old Israeli prime minister, the zealous new Israeli prime minister knows that most TV and newspaper editors in Western institutions will only briefly focus on Israel’s impact on the occupied Palestinian territory under the following circumstances What the Palestinians did and are doing Israel decided to bomb the Palestinians in Occupied Palestine.

This means that every few years or so, after the “boom” flares—this is the jargon of journalists when the tools of war “boom”—the normally invisible Palestinians suddenly appear on the Western cable news network and the opinions of the West. Page. The newspaper talked about or reported how and will continue to be deprived of their homes and land, imprisonment, torture, trauma, mutilation and killing of Palestinians, a series of pretentious thugs in suits and uniforms.

So far, this is another trite pantomime.

Provide Palestinians with a little time and space to record or condemn Israeli crimes, and provide a convenient cover for Western TV and newspaper editors who please Israel to congratulate them for their composure and boast: “Look, Palestinians also have a say.”

These TV and newspaper editors have always refused to admit that Israel has been found guilty of apartheid by human rights organizations-this is defined by international law, not double hockey-and has been exercising discretionary power since its design and establishment. Not only can they steal Palestinian houses and land, but they can also imprison, torture, injure, mutilate, and kill Palestinians with impunity.

Regardless of whether they are privately disturbed by the violence and illegal methods used by Israel to systematically steal Palestinian houses and land, or how many Palestinians there are in Israeli prisons, torture, trauma, mutilation, and killing, most Western TV and newspaper editors have always defended Israel openly. The “rights” to do all of the above-yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Challenge Israel to protect itself from the existential threats posed by balloons, slingshots, burning tires, kites, rocks or glorified metal firecrackers would be an act of profanity by geopolitical heretics.

This authoritative editorial support for Israel almost verbatim reflects the same pleading attitude of most Western prime ministers and presidents to Israel, as long as their allies and friends choose to mobilize more against the already seriously injured and imprisoned Palestinians in Occupied Palestine. “Boom” sound.

Not only did Mark Garno, the Canadian astronaut-born foreign minister, reject—like TV and newspaper editors who claimed to be held accountable—any discovery from any quarter that Israel is an apartheid country, and hysterically alluding to the “label” “Is an anti-Semitic metaphor.

“The Liberal government’s position on the apartheid label is very clear,” Gano said recently. “We categorically reject…Of course, we are totally opposed to any anti-Semitism.”

When he is inevitably replaced by another pedestrian and a model reading card as his foreign minister, Gano is likely to become an editorial writer for any newspaper in Canada, whenever Israel harms, mutilates, and kills with its unlimited “arms.” When Palestinians, these newspapers will write their standard apologies. “Bang-bang” is provided by friendly arms dealers in Ottawa and other regions.

Of course, the inevitable result of this stubborn phenomenon is that when the large-scale continuous display of “Bang Bang” ceases, most Western TV and newspaper editors no longer invite Palestinians to talk or write about how Israel continues to steal their homes and lands. Articles, and prisons, torture, trauma, mutilation and killing of Palestinians, but with impunity in Occupied Palestine.

Undoubtedly, this means that there are far fewer “live broadcasts” from TV reporters-mainly from the safety and enthusiasm of Tel Aviv-describing the latest “spasms” of decades-old “tit-for-tat conflicts.” Caused almost the same degree of death and suffering on both sides.

During the 11-day deadly turkey shooting in Gaza by Israel, lucky “voices” obtained rare time and space fragments in cable news networks and newspaper columns to broadcast Palestinian “views” because they are no longer needed The symbolic presence of the audience provides a balanced and fair luster.

In fact, Israel’s resumption of bombing of Gaza is no longer even regarded as “news” by many Western TV and newspaper editors, most of them — when it comes to the “dilemma” of the Palestinians — with frightened attention. squirrel.

In any case, the “war” has not broken out again—not yet. When it happens, they will return for a short peek. Until then, it will soon return to rhetoric as usual: Israel has the “right” to defend itself, and so on, and so on, those “belligerent” Palestinians just keep asking for bloodshed.

At the same time, Palestinians can only endure trauma, insults and provocations on their own. These traumas, insults and provocations long ago became routine aspects of daily life under Israel’s suffocating military occupation.

This is segregation in secret.

Militant, flag-waving Israeli religious fanatics will attack Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem, chanting “Death to Arabs” and “May your village burn”, and TV and newspaper editors shrug.

A sibling who exposed on social media that Palestinians might be expelled from the Sheikh Jarrah community by violent force was arrested. Television and newspaper editors shrugged.

Shortly after the announcement of the “ceasefire”, more than 2,000 Palestinians were detained like cows to resist the ruthless destruction of Occupied Palestine and its people. Television and newspaper editors shrugged.

Fully armed Israeli turbans-euphemistically called “security forces”-rushed into the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, firing rubber-coated steel bullets, tear gas and stun grenades, wounding dozens of believers, TV and newspaper editors Shrugged.

An 11-year-old Palestinian boy, Mazen Bessam, was arrested and “detained” by the aforementioned hood-presumably to protect Israel-while his sister cried and pleaded for his release. TV and newspaper editors shrugged.

As recorded by Human Rights Watch and other organizations, Israel’s enforcement of apartheid has never stopped. It was aimed at the Palestinians before, during and after the “pop” melodious sounds and sights, which temporarily attracted the attention of TV and newspaper editors, and I doubt they would be more willing to talk about and write Donald’s crazy contemplative trump card. .

“Bang Bang” is part of Israel’s ruthless continuum of state recognition and systematic persecution of Palestinians throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Western TV and newspaper editors are deliberately reluctant to acknowledge this obvious fact and fundamentally readjust their reports of what happened to Palestinians on the “field” in Occupied Palestine, making them unapologetic for Israel’s continued apartheid. way of doing.

Whenever Israel repeats its explosive “bang-bang” performance, Palestinians occasionally appear on television or in print, which can hardly compensate for this widespread and shameful blindness.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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