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Fleeing far-right Belgian soldier found dead | Crime News

46-year-old Jurgen Conings (Jurgen Conings) is included on the anti-terrorism watch list, has threatened several people, hoarding heavy weapons.

Jurgen Conings, the far-right Belgian soldier who started a war Big manhunt The country’s defense minister and chief of staff said in a statement on Sunday that he disappeared after stealing weapons from a military base last month and was “found dead”.

The prosecutor had earlier stated that the body of a man who appeared to have committed suicide with a gun was found in eastern Belgium “according to the preliminary elements of the investigation” and it is likely to be Cornings.

On May 17, after the disappearance of Conings on the counter-terrorism watch list, hundreds of security forces searched a large area in northeastern Belgium. He threatened several people and stockpiled heavy weapons.

Before disappearing, Cornings concealed anti-tank missile launchers and other heavy weapons in the barracks. The 46-year-old man was a professional shooter for 30 years before he started making threats and racist comments on Facebook. He was disciplined, but he was still allowed to use weapons.

People found the body while walking in the woods near the town of Dilson-Stockham.

“During my mountain bike tour this morning, in a place where few people came, I smelled a strong smell of dead bodies,” Johan Tollenaere of Maaseik, an eastern town, told VRT News. “I immediately thought of Jurgen Conings and notified the police. They found the body,” he said.

After the action film starring Sylvester Stallone in the 1980s, the raid dominated the headlines of newspapers in the country, and some people referred to Corning as “Belgian Rambo.”

The 46-year-old was a professional shooter before he started making threats and racist comments on Facebook [File: Belgian Federal Police/AP]

Among those threatened by Cornings is a well-known virologist, Marc Van Ranst, who has become a conspiracy theorist, coronavirus skeptic, and Flemish far-right in Belgium during the coronavirus crisis. The goal.

Since Cornings is still at large, Van Lanster and his family have been moved to a secret location.

“My thoughts are with the relatives and children of Jurgen Cornings. For them, this is very sad news because they have lost their father, relatives or friends,” Van Ranst tweeted Wrote on it.

This incident embarrassed the government because it was later reported that Cornings was placed on the watch list for his far-right views and could use weapons.

He also gained support online, and Facebook closed a support page for Conings, which attracted 45,000 members in just a few days.

The Minister of Defense Ludivine Dedonder condemned the online support for fugitives-especially from within the Belgian Armed Forces.

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