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The world reacts to the election of Iran’s new hardline President Raisi

Although many leaders lined up to congratulate Raisi on his victory, some groups criticized his human rights record.

Iran’s tough Attorney General Ibrahim Raisi (Ebrahim Raisi) Overwhelming victory In the country’s presidential election, this vote not only promoted the disciple of the supreme leader to become the highest civilian position in Tehran, but also witnessed the lowest turnout in the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Raisi won 61.95% of the vote with 48.8% of the vote in the election on Friday.

Raisi, 60, will take office in August, succeeding Hassan Rouhani, a moderate president who is not allowed by the constitution for a third consecutive term.

He will be in power at a critical moment as Iran seeks to save its broken nuclear agreement with major powers and free itself from the punishment of US sanctions that have led to a sharp economic downturn.

The election of Raisi, he himself was sanctioned by the United States for violating human rights, and it was more like a crown after his most powerful competitor found out that he was disqualified from running for the election.


The outgoing President Rouhani visited Raisy in his office and congratulated him.

The official media quoted Rouhani as saying: “In the next 45 days, when the new government takes office (early August), we will stand by and cooperate fully with the elected president.”

Rouhani (left) meets with Iranian President-elect Ibrahim Raisi in Tehran [Official Presidential website/Handout/Reuters]


According to RIA Novosti, the press officer of the Russian Embassy in Tehran was quoted as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Lacey and expressed his hope to “further develop constructive bilateral cooperation.”


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he looks forward to working with Lai Si to “further strengthen” the fraternal relationship between Pakistan and Iran in order to achieve “regional peace, progress and prosperity.”


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulated Raisi on his victory and expressed his belief that the cooperation between the two neighboring countries will be closer during Raisi’s term.

Erdogan said in a letter to Raisi: “I believe that during your presidency, the cooperation between our two countries will be strengthened, and I am ready to cooperate with you.”


The Syrian Presidential Palace issued a statement saying that Assad congratulated Raisi on his victory and expressed his keen interest in cooperating with the new president to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.


“On the occasion of your coming, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations and blessings to you [Raisi’s] Elected as the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Iraqi President Barham Saleh said.

“We Iraqis look forward to strengthening our strong relationship with neighboring Iran and its people.”

Amnesty International

The head of the human rights organization Agnes Karamad said that Raisy’s election victory requires Raisy to be investigated for “crimes against humanity”..

She wrote on Twitter: “Ibrahim Raisi’s promotion to the presidency is not being investigated for crimes against humanity such as murder, enforced disappearance and torture. This is a serious reminder that there is no guilt. Penalties are dominant in Iran.

“We continue to call for investigations into Ebrahim Raisi’s involvement in past and ongoing crimes under international law, including countries exercising universal jurisdiction.”


Hazem Qassem, Hamas spokesperson in Gaza, said in a statement: “We congratulate the Islamic Republic of Iran on the success of the democratic process, the holding of the presidential election, and the election of Ibrahim Raisi as President of Iran. .”

“We wish the Islamic Republic of Iran progress and prosperity. Iran has always been a fundamental and true supporter of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian resistance movement.”

United Arab Emirates

“We want the Islamic Republic, and our bilateral relations, stability, continuity and prosperity,” the vice president and de facto ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, said in a statement issued by the Dubai Media Office.

According to the national news agency WAM, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed also sent a congratulatory message to Raisi.

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