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Hong Kong police arrest Apple Daily editor and director, block headquarters | Freedom of Press News

In the latest wave of arrests under the National Security Law, the police accused five people of “colluding with foreign forces” and dozens of police officers were sent to the headquarters of the media group.

The Hong Kong police arrested the editor-in-chief of Apple Daily, a media group founded by jailed democracy activist Li Zhiying, and four other directors on suspicion of being involved in a series of early morning raids on Thursday in a series of early morning raids on suspicion of national security officials preventing entry The Hong Kong headquarters of the media group.

“Apple Daily” confirmed that the editor-in-chief Ron, chief executive Zhang Jianxiong, chief operating officer Zhou Daquan, deputy chief editor Chen Peiwen and chief executive editor Zhang Zhiwei have been arrested.

They were accused of “colluding with foreign forces.”

The South China Morning Post quoted a police source who asked not to be named as saying: “The report published by the newspaper is suspected of constituting an illegal act under the National Security Law.”

Local media said that the police arrived at the headquarters of the media group at around 7 am (23:00 GMT Wednesday), searched the premises and confiscated “news materials”.

The entrance to the compound was blocked, and the police’s official Facebook page showed a live broadcast, with reporters gathering outside.

“The police are conducting law enforcement operations in the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Zone,” it said.

“Apple Daily” also conducted a live broadcast of the raid, but it stated that all employees arriving at the office must register personal data such as ID cards, employee IDs, phone numbers and addresses with the police, and are only allowed to enter the cafeteria. The media group stated on its Facebook page that the reporter was “prevented (ed) from returning to work”.

China National Security Law was implemented almost a year agoIn 2019, this semi-autonomous city was shaken by months of violent protests from time to time. The broadly worded law criminalizes subversion, sedition, collusion with foreign power, and secession, and may face life imprisonment, but critics say it is being used to suppress legitimate political debates. Dozens of democratic politicians and Activists were arrested.

Last August, when the police also arrested Lai Raid on the headquarters of the Media Group. This 73-year-old man is Imprisoned in December After the court refused him bail. Under the security law, he faces three charges, including collusion with foreign countries.

Last month, the authorities used the security law to impose Freeze Lai’s assets.

Lai made a fortune in the clothing trade and Giordano fashion chains. “Apple Daily” is an apologetic democratic newspaper, founded in 1995.

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