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The world reacts to the new Israeli government, the Netanyahu era ends in Middle East news

Several world leaders welcomed the new Israeli government, but the Palestinians still provoked what they thought was the continuation of the previous government.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year reign ended on Sunday. His government was replaced by the centrist Yair Lapid and the ultra-nationalist Naftali. A coalition government pieced together by Naftali Bennett. The Knesset passed the new government with a vote of confidence of 60-59.

The vote was won after Rapide finalized a coalition agreement between eight different parties. Apart from the hope to overthrow Netanyahu, there is little in common, which makes many analysts question the chances of the new government’s long-term survival.

The following is the reaction of world leaders to the new government:

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden stated that the United States remains committed to Israel’s security and will cooperate with its new government. In a statement, the US president welcomed the new government coalition led by nationalist Naftali Bennett and sought to reaffirm US-Israeli relations.

Biden said: “I look forward to working with Prime Minister Bennett to strengthen all aspects of the close and lasting relationship between our two countries.” “Israel has no better friend than the United States.

“The United States remains steadfast in supporting Israel’s security,” Biden said. “My government is fully committed to cooperating with the new Israeli government to promote the security, stability and peace of Israelis, Palestinians and the people of the entire region.”

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Merkel stated that she looks forward to “close cooperation” with the new Israeli Prime Minister.

“Germany and Israel have a unique friendship, and we hope to further strengthen this friendship. With this in mind, I look forward to working closely with you,” Merkel said in a letter to Bennett in her statement Ulrike Demer shared this on Twitter.

Mahmoud Abbas

The office of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated that the change of government is still an issue for Israel, and that Palestinian requirements remain unchanged.

“This is an internal matter for Israel,” Abbas spokesperson Nabil Abu Rudeineh said in a statement. “Our position has always been clear. What we want is to establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital on the 1967 border,” he added.

Hamas spokesperson

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum insisted that regardless of the color of the new government, Israel “is still a colonial entity.”

“Regardless of the form of the Israeli government, it will not change the way we view the Zionist entity,” Bahom said. He added: “This is an occupation and colonial entity, and we should resist it with force to restore our rights.”

Sebastian Kurz

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz congratulated Bennett and Rapide and expressed his expectation to cooperate with them.

“Austria is committed to Israel as a Jewish democracy and will continue to stand by Israel,” he said on Twitter.

Yair Lapid is the architect of Israel’s new coalition government [Gil Cohen/AFP]

Dominique Rab

The British Foreign Minister also congratulated Bennett and Rapide on forming a government.

Dominic Raab (Dominic Raab) said in a tweet that he looks forward to the continued “cooperation between the United Kingdom and Israel on security, trade and climate change, and work together to ensure peace in the region.”

Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that he looks forward to working with Bennett and Lapid to “ensure the safety of our people as we recover from the global COVID-19 pandemic And get support and help our two countries rebuild better.”

Trudeau said in a statement that the leaders of the two countries will “explore ways to further strengthen the relationship between Canada and Israel,” including through bilateral trade agreements. He also thanked Netanyahu for his “valuable partnership over the years.”

Chuck Schumer

The majority leader of the U.S. Senate stated that he hopes the new government can pave the way for “serious” negotiations between the two countries to resolve the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Schumer said: “I urge the Biden administration to do everything it can to unite the parties to help achieve a two-State solution, so that the two sides can live together in peace.”

Netanyahu promises he will come back [Ariel Schali/AP Photo]

Benjamin Netanyahu

The dismissed Israeli prime minister quickly promised on social media to return to power soon.

“Don’t let your mental breakdown,” he said on Twitter. “We will be back – and sooner than you think,” he added.

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