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The world reacts to Trump mob violence in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday, U.S. allies and opponents watched peace in Washington, D.C. in shock as a violent mob of supporters of President Donald Trump was led to believe that the election was stolen Stormed into the parliament building.

Insurgents loyal to Trump, including some from violent far-right groups, crossed the cordon and broke into the Capitol, disrupting the formalization of President Joe Biden’s victory.

As lawlessness and chaos within the parliament make headlines around the world, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (Heiko Maas) Tweet “Seeing these incredible photos of #WashingtonDC, the enemies of democracy will be very excited.” He also called on Trump to finally accept his election defeat.

Maas added: “On the steps of the Capitol, now in #Capitol, riotous speech has become violent.” “Contempt for democracy is devastating.”

In London, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called these scenes “shameful.”

“The United States represents democracy in all parts of the world, and the peaceful and orderly transfer of power is essential now,” he said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that his people are “deeply disturbed and saddened by the attack on American democracy.”

Trudeau said: “Violence can never overthrow the will of the people.” “American democracy must be maintained – and it will be maintained.”

In Brussels, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg maintained a combative and uneasy relationship with Trump because of the President’s criticism of the security alliance, calling the violence “shocking”-considering similar statements , This statement usually has more weight. Produced by him during the turbulent times in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and other places.

“The results of this democratic election must be respected,” Stoltenberg Tweet.

Several other foreign officials and leaders also expressed their opinions, including the President of the European Commission:

Prime Minister of Spain:

Prime Minister of Australia:

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Carl Bildt, the former prime minister of Sweden and current co-chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations, said on Twitter that the violence and occupation of the parliament building marked a “predatory of democracy.”

He attached a photo of a grinning man to his message, wearing Trump’s beanie and holding a podium with the seal of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

For those who see the United States as a model of freedom and democracy, the scenes of violence are particularly shocking.

Two Eastern European officials told BuzzFeed News that these scenes are more reminiscent of events in eastern Ukraine in 2014, when Russian-backed separatists attacked government buildings after the country’s pro-Moscow president was overthrown. They also compared it with what happened in Kyrgyzstan in October, when opposition party supporters occupied the parliament building after the election was deemed fraudulent.

The officials requested anonymity because their country relies on US support.

One of them said that they “never thought this would happen in the United States.”

“This is crazy,” the official added.

Turkey, a NATO country that faced its own coup attempt in 2016, urged a calm and legal solution. “We call on all parties in the United States to exercise restraint and prudence,” the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. statement“We believe that the United States will overcome this internal political crisis in a mature way.”

The ministry also advised Turkish citizens in the United States to avoid crowded areas and places where protests took place.

Venezuela is often blamed by Trump as the danger of socialism, and also issued a statement pretending to be worried about violence in the United States, the statement said Venezuela elections are illegalThe statement said: “Venezuela condemns political polarization and escalating violence, which requires us to reflect on the profound crisis the U.S. political and social system is experiencing at this time.” “In this regrettable incident, the U.S. is suffering from its aggression. Policies have caused the same things in other countries.”

At the same time, foreign news media from the UK British Broadcasting Corporation To Russia TASS to France 24 As well as other places, live reports on events in the Capitol.

When dusk enveloped the embattled Washington, D.C., Trump posted a one-minute video on Twitter, urging the crowd he had incited to stand up, but not before. Lie that he defeated Biden With “overwhelming advantage in the election.”

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