1 hour ago

    Forced displacement reaches new highs during COVID: UN | Immigration News

    A United Nations report found that as the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated some pre-existing drivers, the number of forcibly displaced persons…
    3 hours ago

    UN General Assembly votes on resolution condemning Myanmar’s military | Military News

    Myanmar’s UN special envoy Jue Meng Tun called for “effective collective measures”, including a comprehensive arms embargo against the country.…
    5 hours ago

    Seoul Court Faces Risk After “Unbound” Missile Development Agreement | Wall Street Journal Weapon News

    Seoul, Korea -After US President Joe Biden and South Korean President Moon Jae-in reached an agreement last month, South Korea…
    7 hours ago

    Under Biden’s order, Chinese apps may face subpoenas and injunctions | Donald Trump News

    The source said that WeChat, Douyin and other apps targeted by Trump are eligible for review by the Biden team.…
    8 hours ago

    Biden-Erdogan did not resolve S-400 dispute during the meeting | Joe Biden News

    Biden and Erdogan agreed that Turkey will take the lead in ensuring the safety of Kabul Airport after the U.S.…



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